photos by Tom b.

- 60s cotton dress
- vintage denim jacket
- Rachel Comey boots
- vintage wool beret

I've just added something to my wardrobe. Something I've been searching for, not quite sure which one was right for me. Can you spot it? It's a watch! Someone commented to me years ago that wearing a watch was becoming obsolete. If one needs to know the time they simply consult their cellphone. So true! However, my disdain for cellphones is a constant joke to my friends. I have an little flip phone with some prepaid minutes in my purse that I save for emergencies. I check it about twice a week to see if anyone has called it (they never do, I don't even know the phone number for it). If someone texts me, I usually return the favor about three days later. I just don't know how people function with them constantly in their hands!

OK, enough of sounding like an old fogey. The point is, I don't ever know what time it is... so I bought a watch. It took me forever to find an affordable option that I really liked. There are some seriously tacky watches out there folks. Since I couldn't lay down enough cash for my dream watch I settled for a Swiss Army Garrison. It's simple, classic and goes with everything.